Friday, March 27, 2015

The Problem With Perception...

The problem with perception of almost anything is that when we do perceive something,we erroneously see it  as existing in a static universe. It is never that... All things exist on continuums, that are headed either in a life-giving, or a life-taking trajectory. 

So... when someone says, "All that we want is "C," they often fail to realize that "C" is part of a continuum that will eventually lead to "Z." If "Z" is good, no problem, however, if "Z" is bad, then "C" may not be helpful... The whole of natural and human history supports this... 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When It Can't Be Grace or Truth...

It can't be "Grace"
If it requires that you surrender "Truth."
It can't be "Truth"
If it requires that you can't apply "Grace."
Regardless of their existential poignancy individually...
If either is applied, devoid or unbalanced from the other,
Then what they become most is heresy...

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Morphing of WWJD

In the 1990s, A youth group leader in Holland, Michigan, named Janie Tinklenberg, began a grassroots movement to help the teenagers in her group remember the phrase; it spread nationwide in the 1990s among Christian youth, who wore bracelets bearing the initials W.W. J. D. (Wikipedia)***

Who knew that this iconic phrase and acronym, would eventually become so endemic to the Christian sub-culture, that it would eventually help to launch the most common and divisive effort, for the right biblical interpretation of: "Who Jesus is..." of our time?

There are few things biblically, that contemporary Christians struggle with more, than to be unified around this simple, yet eloquent, question: "What would Jesus do?"

A Lion and/or Sheep

Especially if it is: "The Lion of Judah."
"I am not afraid 
of an army of lions
led by a sheep; 
I am afraid
of an army of sheep
led by a lion."
Alexander the Great

Not Synonymous - Relevant vs. Relative

When I worked as a Youth Minister for 16 years and taught Youth Ministry in Higher Education for 8 years, I always talked about the missiological principle of being "Relevant" in our Post-Christian and now, Post-Modern Culture.
Being "relevant" however is not the same as being "relative."
The unseemly project of Christian ingratiation to the world, in the name of GRACE, has moved many of us from being helpfully relevant to unashamedly "relative," in our exegesis and theology... For the most current example see: "Rob Bell."
Many are quite simply promising the world, far more than the Bible, or our theological historical tradition, can EVER deliver...