Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Failings of Christianity

It is a right and good thing
To be intellectually honest
Regarding the failings of Christianity.
But let us be wise and careful,
Lest we unwittingly encourage too much
Those who work to see
That Christianity fails.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Death As A Teacher

There is only one thing 
That a heroic, intentional death 
And a tragic, unnecessary death 
Have in common:
It is A voice that calls out from the grave that says:

"Learn From Me!"

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The New Heresey: "Community Is The New Orthodoxy"

Perhaps the greatest shift 
In Church culture, since the 20th Century is:

That for two-thousand years,
The Creeds of Church Orthodoxy and Doctrine
Defined: "Christian" and "Non-Christian" Community.***

Today, many Christians, 
Practice a creed that says:
"'Community," should transcend
All Religious Orthodoxy and Doctrine.

Notably, in Contemporary Society, 
Perhaps the most pervasive and insidious 
Mantra to be confessed is:


Perhaps it is now time to be more than a little concerned... 

Preach the Word

…2 Preach the word; 
be ready in season and out of season; 
reprove, rebuke, exhort, 
with great patience and instruction. 

3 For the time will come 
when they will not endure sound doctrine; 
but wanting to have their ears tickled, 
they will accumulate for themselves teachers 
in accordance to their own desires, 

4 and will turn away their ears from the truth 
and will turn aside to myths.…

2 Tim 4:2-4

*** Obviously this was not ALWAYS good, but it was without question, MOSTLY very good, from a broad spectrum of things...

Thanksgiving of 2014


I am thankful for:

1. My relationship with Jesus Christ... He is my Savior; He is my Lord...

2. My marriage to my life-long friend and companion Ruth

3. The blessing of my two sons Jeremiah and Jordan. They are men of faith and character; and they give us great joy!

4. My daughter-in-law, Becca Grassel. She is the daughter I/we never had, but we could not have asked for a better one than she is to us! She too, brings us great joy! 

5. My loving church family. Truth be told, they are all more my friends, than I am their pastor... I am privileged and blessed beyond measure to have been a part of their lives for these almost 9 years! While I could do better, I love serving in so many ways related to my presence here! What a joy! 

6. The many deep, honest, life-giving and authentic friendships that I have been blessed with - too many to recount, but you know who you are! Thank you for your unconditional love and investment in my life. Whatever character, faith and impact I have in life, it would be so severely impoverished without you!

7. The ability to be educated, to read, learn, think and write - to engage other minds enabling growth of intellect and wisdom.

8. My house and all of its practical and nostalgic effects... We have been sooo blessed materially, and we get to be a blessing through them as well! 

9. My health and all of the things that I can do because if it: Learning, serving, relationships, walking/hiking/hunting/biking etc. 

10. My pup, Sophie, she has brought so much joy and personality to our lives these past two years! What a great companion at home, when I walk and hike, when I drive to different places and at work as well! 

Finally, for my life in general, for the privilege of life, my life as a husband, father, friend, son, brother, pastor, professor and citizen in the USA; and for the "Call" that God has placed on my life to engage and represent Him through, and live faithfully with, over the course of my life.